Does the Luno Air Mattress fit my 4Runner?

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4Runner Mattress Compatibility

The 4Runner mattress is specifically designed for the 5th Generation (2010-2021) model years. There is a slight difference in compatibility for 2010-2013 model years. It will not fit in earlier models.  The 5th generation 4Runner is offered with 3 cargo configurations across all offered trim models: 3-row seat, with sliding tray, without sliding tray. 

  • The Luno 4Runner Mattress is compatible with 4Runners that have the cargo configuration with the sliding tray
  • The Luno 4Runner Mattress will fit 4Runners without the sliding tray but the mattress doesn’t account for the uneven surface. In this case the user will need to create a level surface in the cargo area themselves. 
  • 4Runners with the 3rd row seat option are compatible with the Luno Air Mattress 2.0


My 4runners without the cargo sliding tray does not have an even sleeping surface. Does the 4Runner Mattress account for this?

  • In 4Runners without the sliding tray, when the rear seats are folded flat, there is an angled portion at the bottom of the back of the seats that creates an uneven sleeping surface. The mattress does not account for this uneven surface, but will still fit comfortably. If you're worried about the slope, you can create a level surface in the cargo area by adding in blankets or creating a platform.
    **Some 4Runners may not have a slider tray but still even back surface area**

I have a custom storage build in the back of my 4Runner, will the mattress still fit?

  • Yes, if the storage solution creates a level sleeping surface then the mattress will fit.

Why doesn’t the mattress fit earlier 4Runner models?

  • Earlier 4Runner models have short cargo areas and unique layouts that our current mattress offerings will not fit.

Why aren’t 2010-2013 4Runners with the sliding tray not compatible?

  • The cargo area with the sliding tray for those years have an uneven surface when the seats are folded flat. The mattress does not account for this uneven surface.

How can I level out the cargo space in my 4Runner that doesn’t have the sliding tray?

  • Some people opt to build their own platform out of wood. Others prefer to use a thicker blanket or foam pad to level out the rear cargo surface. 

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