Luno Affiliate Marketing Program

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Why Luno?

Sleeping in the back of a car has long been a way of life for outdoor adventurers. Nearly every weekend warrior is familiar with the wonders and woes of calling it a night in the cargo space, but has there ever been a ‘perfect’ way to sleep in your car? When we couldn’t find the answer, we decided to forge a better way.

At Luno, it's our mission to make the pursuit of adventure more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable by crafting quality car camping gear for outdoor enthusiasts. Our vehicle air mattress turns your car into a campsite in minutes, so the inside of your vehicle becomes your favorite place to stay.

Luno is fueled by a dedicated crew committed to serving hardcore overlanders, first-time campers, and everyone in between. Like you, we have peaks to climb, miles to hike, and sights to see, and we believe that a good night’s rest is a great place to start.

The Perks:

  • Earn 3% commission for every sale you refer
  • AOV: Over $200
  • 3% conversion rate
  • 30-day cookie life
  • Access to broad selection of banners, text links, and product feed
  • Custom promotions and partnerships available upon request
  • Quick and easy application process
  • New products and lines introduced annually

How It Works

  1. Read the terms and conditions and fill out an AvantLink network application for Luno.
  2. Once approved, post a link on your site.
  3. Send customers to Luno through your links and you will be paid for completed sales via AvantLink.
  4. Track your clicks and commissions through the AvantLink platform.
  5. Watch your commission checks roll in!

Click Here To Apply

Questions? Email us at

Luno selectively partners with affiliate websites in an effort to enhance the Luno brand experience through strategic product placement. We conduct a thorough screening process to determine the eligibility of a Luno Affiliate. If you are interested in applying to be a Luno Affiliate joining is free and easy. Thank you for your interest in the Luno Affiliate program!

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